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marriage by design

Lean into the original Biblical design for a healthy marriage.


Taking you back to the beginning to discover the missing link and begin the process of changing the way we view marriage. 

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Man and Woman are designed to work together for one specific goal. At our retreat you will discover the Creator's design, His ONE goal for it and then we will explore how you and your spouse might live it out.

Weekend Retreat

Join us for a powerful weekend retreat in 2023 where we will look at the Hebrew design for Biblical for marriage. Come away with us for a time of learning, restoration and rejuvenation.

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After you leave our conference you and your spouse will be empowered to live out Creator's original marriage design  as a Biblical couple of man and woman forever.


6 Sessions

Progress through 1 session via video prior to your retreat and 5 sessions with us in person at our Biblical Marriage Retreat.

  • Session 1 - Our Story

  • Session 2 - Image and Likeness Bearers

  • Session 3 - Original Design
  • Session 4 - Tragedy of the Fall

  • Session 5 - Visioning the Future

  • Session 6 - Practical Applications

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Weekend Presenters

Isaac and Rebekah have a powerful story of restoration. Married for 23 years and 2 daughters (19 and 22) they can relate to a lot of marriage troubles. Discovering their unique design has set their marriage free to be healthy and has allowed them to be a powerhouse for the Creator, YHVH.

About Us

2023 Weekend Includes


The Broadmore Hotel in Colorado is a stunning backdrop for a weekend retreat to get a new perspective on Biblical Marriage. Come away with us and time to get re-connected with your spouse in an inspiring location.

  • 2 nights in Braodmore's beautiful accommodations

  • 5 quality meals

  • 6 Marriage Seminars with Isaac and Rebekah

  • Inspiring surroundings

  • Hotel amenities at your disposal


Available in 2023 to Officiate your Wedding

We available beginning in 2023 to officiate weddings for the community of the Melchizedek Priesthood. Stay tuned.